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A barter exchange is almost always a better deal than a cash exchange. Take a sporting goods store that's closing. Instead of selling leftover product to a wholesale liquidator for cents on the dollar, the retailer trades its goods on Premier Barter Exchange to a fitness club, clearing its remaining inventory at full price.

The incredible strength of bartering excess inventory with PBE is that you're buying what you need with trade dollars that cost much less than actual dollars. Think about it: the goods he would have received 20 cents on the dollar for are bartered for full retail price. An offer of $2,000 in goods (20 cents on the dollar) is worth $10,000 trade dollars! The owner then had $10,000 for barter purchases, which he used on a moving company to relocate to another area, hire a web designer to create a retail website, a radio station to advertise the new location, and a sign firm to show off his store to its best advantage!

Bartering can give you a significant advantage when you have excess inventory or products you can’t move. It’s almost always to your advantage when you'd otherwise have to accept a lower cash price. Trade can do wonders for your cash flow and improve how your business looks on your P&L.

Who doesn’t want to save cash? Who doesn’t want to purchase goods and services for cents on the dollar? If the outlay is your cost of goods or unused time and labor, but you're trading for full retail price, you're getting a tremendous bargain. Unsellable inventory or non-billable downtime (net losses) are converted into purchase power. It won't be long before you grasp the amazing potential of PBE membership: buying what you need for cents on the dollar, increasing your business exponentially through new customers, and conserving your cash resources!

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Premier Barter helps your business increase its cash-flow by converting your unsold inventory, excess capacity or unbilled hours into Barter Dollars.  Your business will be introduced to an entirely new group of potential customers. With access to a growing network through Premier Barter, your sales will increase.

Get New Business Revenue, Increase Cash-Flow , Increase Market Share and Referrals and   Use Barter Instead of Cash.

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