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Wholesalers have an incredible advantage in the barter world: getting retail price for their wholesale goods! When a wholesaler does cash business, he sells to retailers at factory prices. When he sells to Premier Barter Exchange members, he receives MSRP. Barter presents a considerable revenue driver for the wholesaler, essentially doubling profitability on goods that would have sold at factory prices.

That also means you're buying what you need with trade dollars that cost much less than an actual dollar. Think about it: the wholesale “widgets” you would have sold to a retailer for 50 cents per item are traded for retail prices. A wholesale order for $5,000 can be bartered for $10,000 or more in trade dollars! You're then buying subsequent items on trade for much, much less than actual cost.

The barter earnings potential for manufacturers is so substantial that many can convert their trade dollars into real estate, automobiles, and other high-end merchandise.

Who doesn’t want to save cash? This natural premise underlines why bartering is a much easier way to attract new customers than cash.

It’s also about wholesale buying power: you're essentially purchasing goods and services for cents on the dollar. Your outlay is your cost of goods, but you're trading them for MSRP – that’s hard to beat.

Imagine having the power to purchase goods and services for cents on the dollar. If the outlay is your cost of goods or unused time and labor, but you're trading for full retail price, you're getting a tremendous bargain. Unsellable inventory or unbillable downtime (net losses) are converted into purchase power. It won't be long before you grasp the amazing potential of PBE membership: buying what you need for cents on the dollar, increasing your business exponentially through new customers, and conserving your cash resources!

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Premier Barter helps your business increase its cash-flow by converting your unsold inventory, excess capacity or unbilled hours into Barter Dollars.  Your business will be introduced to an entirely new group of potential customers. With access to a growing network through Premier Barter, your sales will increase.

Get New Business Revenue, Increase Cash-Flow , Increase Market Share and Referrals and   Use Barter Instead of Cash.

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